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A freelance writer, novelist, and stand-up comedian Falsor loves good stories, particularly sci-fi and fantasy, in almost any format such as movies, anime, novels, TV shows, or none of the above. He is also a military history buff. Falsor publishes hubs about his many interests such as:

Anime: Falsor is an anime aficionado (in his own humble opinion) and used to work for a couple of free streaming anime websites. If you are into anime and are looking for a good suggestion he can probably suggest a show you might like based on what you have seen so far. He has an anime list here:


Falsor has also written a guide for finding anime you like here:


Comedy: Falsor is a stand up comedian and has posted article versions of his routines about his time as a right fielder and his thoughts on airline safety. He has dabbled in nearly every kind of comedy from his insomnia and sleep deprivation inspired Epiphanies of an Insomniac to the shakesperian soliloquy of a troubled bear.

Occasionally Falsor's sense of humor surfaces in articles not intended as comedic peices such as his his How To Make Money Hubbing and his educational octopus information article.



He has started a blog at http://sir-ferdinands-internet.blogspot.com/

Any feedback on it would be awesome.

Shetoldme is another way to generate page views; like HubPages it is free.


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