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Aloha and Welcome!
Besides spending time with my family and friends, I love creating. Anything that can be cut, painted, glued, sewn or hammered is a potential medium that could find its way onto my canvases or quilts. I also love to write. HubPages offers me a space to do both! Thanks, HubPages.
All text, image and reproduction rights are reserved. Please email me for permission. To see more of my artwork, visit my website: http://fannienarte.com/
Mahalo (Thank You),
Fannie Narte

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  • How to Make Fabric Paper

    How to Make Fabric Paper

    3 years ago

    Fabric paper is easy to make using supplies you may already have on hand. The project possibilities of this art medium are endless. Almost anything imaginable can be created with fabric paper: purses, art quilts,...

  • Create Art With Neocolor II Watersoluble Wax Pastels

    Create Art With Neocolor II Watersoluble Wax Pastels

    3 years ago

    I first learned about this product during an art exploration phase with colored pencil drawings/paintings. Since then, I discovered that Neocolor II can also be used to paint and color cotton and silk fabrics and paper....