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  • Psychedelic Love

    Psychedelic Love

    2 days ago

    A psychedelic mind knows no bounds and can reach the deepest realms of emotions but quite often it's not in sync with the real world around us, where such unbound sentiments are better left obtunded.

  • Basking In Moonlight

    Basking In Moonlight

    3 weeks ago

    When in love, the entire universe echoes the vibes and resonates the intense chemistry that lovers share. The moon shines brighter and the wind sings its romantic tune to add up to the moment. What can be more romantic than confessing your love under the bright moonlight in a night of enchantment?

  • The PPE I Never Got - A Silent Cry!

    The PPE I Never Got - A Silent Cry!

    5 weeks ago

    Dedicated to Health Care Professionals all around the world facing this crisis of COVID-19 pandemic like brave warriors!

  • A Chasm In Time

    A Chasm In Time

    7 weeks ago

    Life has it's ups and downs. There are times when one may find it hard to move at the fast pace of the surrounding world. The soul needs to heal, and desperately seeks a break. Nights turn longer, and you realize that time, for you, has stopped! Insomnia can be a curse.

  • The Final Prayer

    The Final Prayer

    7 weeks ago

    In times of utter despair, we often look up to the Almighty for a solution. The poem depicts such a state of mind that has lost its emotions in affliction, and doesn't know what to ask for in supplication.

  • The Cradle And The Swing

    The Cradle And The Swing

    7 weeks ago

    I will not give a spoiler for this one. I want you to read it till the end and let me know what you think.

  • Silent Introspection

    Silent Introspection

    7 weeks ago

    As the night gets deeper, a troubled soul often finds space for introspection. Tormenting emotions may gush out to the extent that everything, even a cup of coffee in hand, may seem bitter. But in the end, life goes on in it's own rhythm, and we are forced to set out wearing a happy mask.

  • Bemused-The Final Steps

    Bemused-The Final Steps

    7 weeks ago

    Taking the final steps can often be confusing as life does not give us a second chance. But does planning our moves make a difference in the outcome or is it already planned by the Almighty?In this poem the boulevard is a path of uncertainties taken up by a girl who fears the consequences of it.

  • Armageddon


    7 weeks ago

    When the world comes to an end, nobody is going to be spared. While people continue to act carelessly and selfishly, they forget that they too shall suffer as an aftermath of their own reckless actions. The end may be nearing but we can still make a change. It's never too late to hope and to love.

  • An Ode To Covid Idiocracies

    An Ode To Covid Idiocracies

    7 weeks ago

    During the 2020 pandemic of Covid-19 infection, people all around the world faced certain common problems. The poem depicts a few such idiotic accounts that were witnessed worldwide.


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