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My real name is Daniel Christian. In 2009 when I started with hubpages, I just picked a weird name for fun. And now I am stuck with it. :) I didn't know my hubs would end up being read over 50,000 times or I would have probably come up with a better name. No offense to anyone named Fester out there.

My biggest passions in life are family, friends, travel and food.

I love writing about the places I visit. I enjoy reading others hubs and sharing opinions.

Sometimes, I will have a conversation with friends and decide, "Wow, that would be a good thing to blog about" and then I throw it up on here.

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  • Spotting a TS girl

    Spotting a TS girl

    6 years ago

    I love writing about travel and food. This is not my usual blog, but it was a conversational piece at the bar last night and I thought, "I am going to write a hub about this!" Also, I am not homophobic in any way, shape...