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Hello there,

welcome to my profile page.

I live in Toronto which is on planet Earth, latitude 43d43' N, longitude 79d20'20" W, the Solar System 'Sol', Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Andromeda Group, Virgo Supercluster in our Universe ... that's just in case you are one of these religious types who thinks there is some god out there and wants to invite that mysterious thing to finally come and show up for a chat to find out what else neads fixing besides all these religious minds without a clue about reality and no sense of objectivity ... :)

When I first started out here, it wasn't until my fourth hub that I discovered where the spell-checker was.

If you are looking for a place to earn an income online, HubPages is it ... if you are not sure where to start, click right here so you can learn all about some very successful Email Marketing Strategies.

To see my strategies in action, join the Business Builder Group

I am a cosmopolitan at home in the world, against all forms of nationalistic propaganda and brainwashing - IFSDS

I know it's a fact, scientific thinking brings us closer to understanding nature and helps us cope with reality better.

Religiosity of any kind on the other hand, does just the contrary - RATIO

Do join me on APSense or get in touch with me on Skype - franto.hruz is my ID

Best wishes,

Franto in Toronto


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  • Human Intellect - the mutating software?

    Human Intellect - the mutating software?

    5 years ago

    After reading a lot of hubs and trying to understand the reason for some of the comments readers are posting, I get the impression, the basic skill of formulation a rational thought is not as widely applied as maybe...

  • Jack Layton (1950 - 2011)

    Jack Layton (1950 - 2011)

    6 years ago

    Jack's family released a letter the federal opposition leader had written just two days before passing away at the age of 61. Since the text of that letter speaks more clearly for itself than one can say at this crucial...

  • Had enough by now?

    Had enough by now?

    7 years ago

    You may not have much of a say in it ... what ever limited change is being proposed to put things right, is coming way to late in the game ... and it's not being put in place fast enough. But what else can you expect...

  • Flu prevention and more ...

    Flu prevention and more ...

    6 years ago

    Miss Beatrice, the church organist, was in her eightis and had never been married. She was admired for her sweetness and kindness to all. One afternoon the pastor came to call on her and she showed him into her quaint...

  • Sharing a Holiday

    Sharing a Holiday

    6 years ago

    If you are wandering, when I'll have my next hub ready, wander no more - here it is! As fellow hubbers, I like to share the following information with you: Three years ago I signed up with a Vacation Club in Sosua...

  • Advanced Web Video Marketing

    Advanced Web Video Marketing

    7 years ago

    "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it" - Henry David Thoreau I've never seen anything like this before! It's really BIG NEWS in online marketing circles ... I'm sure you already know...

  • The Source of Confusion

    The Source of Confusion

    4 years ago

    Emotions can have a strong impact on our mental development and confuse many rational processes such as learning how to better understand, use and expand ones intellect as to not be driven by emotions

  • Analysis of Thought

    Analysis of Thought

    4 years ago

    There are different levels of thought which require specific intellectual intensity. It is most appropriate to focus on such issues if ones quality of mental activity is at stake.

  • Coping with Reality

    Coping with Reality

    3 years ago

    How hard can it be to understand that not every thing is possible because objective reality imposes its limitations based on laws of nature, no matter what ideas some like to dream up.

  • Just use your own words!

    Just use your own words!

    7 years ago

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada In a conversation today, I overheard myself thinking: "It maybe a slow process to get started, but don't give up." Developing your own style of writing may come about quite naturally if I give...