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Like many who were raised on movies, and illegal HBO antennas, I believe that the effects of movies are more substantial than just entertainment (not that entertainment is not worthy enough on its own) and a two hour distraction from reality. Movies have become the mythologies that have shaped my perspective of the world, sometimes even more than parents or school. "Star Wars," as a six year old, has done as much for my imagination as math has done in molding my ability to reason. The thing I had in common with children all over the country was my belief that Superman was the purveyer of truth, justice, and the American way.

Hubs on Specific Directors:

Martin Scorsese

-Raging Bull

Nicolas Winding Refn

-Fear X


Jim Jarmusch

-Dead Man - starring Johnny Depp

Horror Films

-Friday the 13th

-Friday the 13th - the Remake

Hubs on Screenwriting

-Are Screenwriting Competitions Worth the Money?

-Securing a Literary Agent as a Screenwriter

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