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Discussing topics from stock trading to investing all the way to personal banking, we are avid hubbers who like to share and learn a bit more about personal finances. We would like to pass on our experiences with other hubbers on anything finance-related, under the name FinanceGuru. Some of the information that we will share with you will touch on debt management, retirement planning, and reviewing banking products. We like to explore all financial possibilities to achieve a balanced and debt-freed lifestyle. Let us guide you in improving your financial affairs.

This doesn’t mean we’re experts, though. There’s still more to learn so any and all interaction is welcomed! Follow us on Twitter as we post additional articles on stock trading, investing, and general money management.

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  • Starting a Tile Business

    Starting a Tile Business

    6 years ago

    Whether you work on new residential construction, remodel homes, or install in commercial spaces, working as a tile installer can be a profitable career. Of course, there's more money in owning your own business than...