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I am Angelica and I am a college student. I work part-time at Starbucks and live with my boyfriend who is a computer science major. I like to learn about things beyond the mainstream. At college I am seeking a degree in Geology. I am a classical type of nerd, I guess, because I play video games and D&D. I am an independent Wiccan practitioner, meaning that I don't follow a certain "school" of Wicca, nor do I belong to a coven. My parents are ex-military so, I have travelled across the U.S. and have lived in both the 49nth and 50th states. I have a published novel entitled, For a Magic Pen, which is a fantasy piece I wrote while I was in middle school. It was self published through Xilbris books. I have a sequel planned but, I have yet to type it up and raise the funds to have it printed as well. I love to write and have lots of poetry and novella that is not published, and most of my novella are unfinished due to so much school work and GMing the D&D games that my friends play and general laziness on my part.

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