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I have had or worked with many active dogs in my life. This has always given me the challenge of finding various ways for them to work off their energy. Now I devote a good deal of m time developing and testing ways to get a dog active and for both the owner and dog to have fun.

I am convinced that activity and play helps you and your dog a happier life. I am completely interested in dog exercise, dog activity, and dog play. Whatever you want to call it, it all makes a better, happier dog.

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  • Diabetic Dog Food - What Should My Dog Eat Now?

    Diabetic Dog Food - What Should My Dog Eat Now?

    5 years ago

    Diabetes is definitely a treatable condition, even in dogs. And, just as with people, the primary way of managing diabetes is through proper diet and eating habits. So what diabetic dog food should you give your dog?