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My name is Scott and I decided to use hubpages to provide product reviews and content rich articles on topics of interest to me. I have a computer background and realize that there may be many great products out there, yet they don't get recognition because they just don't come up when you search for them online. I run a couple of blogs on different topics and know how hard it is to get traffic at times. Using what I've learned I plan on finding some "diamonds in the rough" and highlight them. My goal with using hubpages is to find 5 products within different areas of interest, IE: health, fitness, recreation, travel, and whatever else interests me and present them in the best way I can to my hub readers. I'll search the web so the readers don't have to and try to find the most popular products and services that maybe some couldn't find otherwise. Basically, the hub will serve to be an all-in-one resource on different topics and provide the information, reviews and resources you might otherwise have to search for all over the web. I'll take the research part away from you and just provide the answers.

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