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    Engineering A Core Purpose in Times of Uncertainty

    9 months ago

    All of us are engaged in difficult personal battles. The battle may be a disease, career and personal failure, or direct abuse. Although they are challenging and traumatic events, we can overcome them if we find the strength to persevere and engineer a profound purpose in the midst of uncertainty.

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    The Significance of the Prayer of Saint Francis

    5 months ago

    Few prayers are better known than the Peace Prayer of Saint Francis The harmonious prayer serves as a reminder for humility and gratefulness during times of joy and rest and solace during times of sadness.

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    The Incredible Benefits of a US and China Alliance

    6 months ago

    War between China and the United States is not inevitable. An alliance of cooperation could usher in a new age of peace and prosperity for the world.

  • Indispensability


    16 months ago

    Leaders across all disciplines must address the void of leadership that pervades so many organizations. Resolve to fill that void starting today by becoming the indispensable go-to leader everyone turns to during the most difficult times.

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    Get to Carnegie Hall: Practice Problem-Solving

    12 months ago

    Although leaders have to be results-oriented, they can do this by exercising high level interpersonal skills that their team members adopt to further improve the organization. But to achieve success, a leader has to solve problems and make the tough decisions.

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    Brilliant Disguise: Semi-Authoritarianism & Bonapartism in Panama

    6 months ago

    General Omar Torrijos, Panama's “maximum leader," brought about the era of the caudillo, and Manuel Noriega continued it with his succession. They were political-military leaders of semi-authoritarian governments, Simón Bolívar’s Bonapartist style of governance, disguised with democratic ideals.

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    Eisenhower’s Warnings About the Military-Industrial Complex

    7 months ago

    In 1961, President Eisenhower prophetically warned the nation about the growing fusion of the armed forces and corporations. In his view, such a fusion presented a threat to American democracy due to their overemphasized political influence and the accompanying danger of a perpetual march to war.

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    Guided by Athena: Think Strategically and Be Creative to Solve Problems

    12 months ago

    Leaders need to be able to think strategically and be creative in order to solve the complex problems of today. This will not only make them indispensable to their organization, but it will also allow them to anticipate oncoming challenges and make effective decisions.

  • Overmatch


    17 months ago

    To overmatch our challenges and opponents, leaders need to have an understanding of strategic thinking; the strategic environment; the creative process; and problem solving. These aptitudes will make them essential to their organization and anticipate oncoming challenges.

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    The Six Foundational Abilities of a Great Leader

    12 months ago

    Leaders need to provide purpose, direction, and motivation for the persons they lead. To do this, they must develop six foundational abilities: vision, social intelligence, level 5 leadership, decisiveness, consistency, and reflection.

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    Revanchist Russia: The Great Disrupter

    6 months ago

    The United States can no longer ignore the harm Russia is causing since further disintegration of the rules-based international order from a delay to confront Russian actions will lead to disruptions in the world economy, endanger alliances, and create unnecessary human suffering.

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    Strategic Failure at the 1982 Falklands War

    6 months ago

    The Falkland Islands war provides an illuminating examination into the Argentine military junta’s failed strategic aims entering the war against Great Britain. The Junta’s series of misconceptions and miscalculations found its roots in the ruin of their strategy formulation.

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    A Strategic Leader Model in Practice: The Johnson & Johnson Tylenol Crisis Case Study

    18 months ago

    A personal leadership model helps strengthen the individual leader and positively transform an organization to benefit society. This piece presents the Johnson & Johnson Tylenol Crisis case study.

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    The Champion: A Model for 21st Century Strategic Leadership

    12 months ago

    Strategic leaders are able to transform an organization through vision, values, the culture and climate they create, and the systems they develop. A personal leadership model becomes invaluable to make a personal and organizational transformation.

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    China’s Great Wall Within: Confucius vs. Mao

    5 months ago

    China presently exists under a contradiction of social and therefore economic thought. The contradiction is between the historical culture of the Chinese people, represented by Confucius, and the culture of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their ‘Chairman’, Mao Zedong.


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