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Just dipping my toes in! I've been on Squidoo for ages and love it, but every now and again I'll experiment with Hubpages a little.

I'm an artist (at night) and usually paint with ArtRage - my art can be found here on deviantART (fantasy, portraits, animals, abstract... usually quite colourful!)

I'm also studying postgraduate marine biology, work in a library and read voraciously. Pratchett is one of my favourite authors, I have a pet cat, and my blog is here for more information!

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  • Freeze Tolerance vs Freeze Avoidance

    Freeze Tolerance vs Freeze Avoidance

    6 years ago

    A large proportion of the earth’s species live in regions which experience subzero temperatures. Extremely cold temperatures damage cellular structures and interfere with biological processes. Ectotherms are...