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New years eve 2013, I decided 2 cut all the perm out of my hair. I had some resevations, but at the time, I was so tired of my hair breaking, having 2 perm it every 2-3 months. Being worried about swimming, getting caought in the rain, getting my hair wet, or it frizzing up. Also, being 45 , my roots were growing out ( white ). My hair being dark brown, I knew I couldn't continue 2 perm & dye. That was only causing more damage. So that night, just before midnight, I stood in the bathroom mirror & just started wacking it ALL off, way down 2 the roots, & dyed it blonde.

I was determined 2 get my hair back healthy and at the same time ( Stay Fly). I had 2 become confident in myself quickly.

We as women put alot of pride in our hair, and cutting it off was a huge step for me. And during my journey I'm learning what I need 2 do, and would love for U 2 join me in doing so.

If anyone out there has Ideas or suggestions, on care, what products 2 use, or simply what works 4 u. Please feel free 2 share.

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  • Make-up for brown girls

    Make-up for brown girls

    3 years ago

    Blend, blend, blend. !!! Key words. Darker skin demands brighter colors, but that doesn't mean you have to look like a clown. You can be sassy and still be classy. Especially during warmer months.