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  • Life Can Really Begin After 60

    Life Can Really Begin After 60

    2 years ago

    Just because the youthful season has passed in our lives does not mean we cannot still enjoy life. When physically fit, many seniors dance, ski, bowl, dance, play sports and have healthy relationships with the opposite genders. Life is sweet even at 62!

  • Holiday Blends That Will Impress

    Holiday Blends That Will Impress

    2 years ago

    When you don't want soda or regular fruit punches from the container to serve your guests, here are two alternatives. The sorrel punch is a favorite and familiar with those from the Caribbean Islands. It's a recipe that you cannot hurt, easy and inexpensive. You may choose to omit the rum, or...

  • Enjoying Holidays...Single and Beautiful

    Enjoying Holidays...Single and Beautiful

    2 years ago

    Christmas can be a lonely time for those who do not have a special someone. Advertisings and commercials always focus on the traditional family. Well, there are creative and fun ways to celebrate Christmas as a single if you choose to. If you love Christmas but there's not much family around,...

  • 4

    "Leftovers" Creative Genius

    2 years ago

    Leftovers can be a great way to save money, time and avoid waste. Here are some tips and some views to think about before you throw that partially eaten roast in the garbage. Third world countries consider our leftovers a Thanksgiving meal. Read more and see why leftovers is not a four letter...

  • Quick Relief for Minor Burns

    Quick Relief for Minor Burns

    2 years ago

    Even minor burns can bring discomfort. The toothpast remedy really works. I tried it again the other day and I forgot where the burn was. Immediate attentin is the key...it won't work the next day. No blistering. Try it!

  • The Legend of Buttons and Misty Meows

    The Legend of Buttons and Misty Meows

    2 years ago

    Cat lovers will enjoy this hub. My two renegades drive me up the wall but Misty and Buttons are my other two children. Spoiled, demanding and loved.

  • Young Women Beware...The Sky Heel

    Young Women Beware...The Sky Heel

    2 years ago

    Those five inch heels are gorgeous! Suede, leather, lizard, peep-toe, sling back...beautiful but OUCH! Smart shoes are in, girls...low heels, flats - they can set off that hot new suit or dress. You'll be greatful years down the road. No corns, callouses or bunions! This hub will help...

  • Tomorrow - The Danger of Procrastination

    Tomorrow - The Danger of Procrastination

    2 years ago

    Procrastination is a troubling issue in many people. Putting things off is not a good habit. Why do people do this? When did it start? Can we abolish this tendency and live happier and more productive lives? Read this hub to get some of these answers. I think you'll thank me.


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