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I'm a busy full-time mom who also moonlights as a busy full-time RN. I guess you could say this gives me alot of interesting experiences to talk about! My topics are as varied as my interests- alot of which I've discovered while trying to solve a problem. I love sharing new information and ideas, so it's only natural that I translate that into writing.

You'll see reflected in my posts a quest for a simple, healthy, natural-based life; and deep thoughts inspired by a life lived here, there, and everywhere. And a healthy dose of humor to pull it altogether. Enjoy!

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  • Sugar, Acidity in the Body, and Disease

    Sugar, Acidity in the Body, and Disease

    6 weeks ago

    We all know that sugar is bad for us. We've been told it causes tooth decay, obesity, and diabetes among other ailments. But did you know that sugar consumption drastically alters body pH as well?

  • DIY Mason Jar Pendant Lights

    DIY Mason Jar Pendant Lights

    4 years ago

    Step-by-step directions for making your own stylish, re-purposed mason jar lights. Use them individually as pendants, or combine to make a chandelier as demonstrated here. C'mon, you know you want to!