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I'm a single mother who has had a turbulent and at times very emotional walk through life. Most of the hubs I write will detail at times a bit of emotion, but all genuine.

I also hope to expand further into writing Hubs about things that mean alot to me.

Events in life have a way of changing they way we perceive things. For 37 years I lived my life in the scope of 'religion'. I adored going to Church, and having an intimate relationship with God.

I've come to understand however, that I have never really known my purpose. I've been on Earth just thinking about Heaven. I never took the time to explore my surroundings. I realize now that I have been blinded by a structured system meant to keep me as a 'slave' without any hope or a future.

So I've let go and now I'm freer than I have ever been. Most would argue, as they would think 'do you now doubt the existence of God?'.

Yes, I do.

I was very unhappy in Church. All I felt was fear, and a constant invasiveness of thought. It took me 37 years to stop being afraid of judgement. Above all it took me getting kicked out. And I'm not returning to that place ever again. I have made a decision to turn my back on all that I knew, because I realize it just was not real.

Dear religious people: I do not want your prayers, or your fasting. I do not want you to preach. If you read my articles and you agree, that's just peachy. If not then I'm up for debate. Treat me like a human being and I won't feel the need to point out how ridiculous your religion is.

Condescending narrow-minded fundamentalist religious-thumping comments are not allowed on any of my hubs.

I have a Bible and a copy of the Qu'ran and last I looked they don't argue with me, and their 'god' doesn't say anything.

Creative writing is an awesome tool of expression, a means of communication and learning. Hubpages has well above exceeded all expectations in the way the site is continuously updated as well as promoting a sense of 'community'.

I didn't start off by writing. I began that trek by first looking at hubs, and finding my 'niche'. Commenting also helps as you will gain valuable insights into your own style of writing. I think I gained more 'creativity' through commenting than actually sitting down trying to 'think' of what to write. Either way it has been an enjoyable experience.

In regards to monetary gain, I cannot say that has been sufficient so it is not a primary focus.

Two years and counting...

Happy Hubbing!

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