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I am a collector of oriental artefacts and other collectibles. My business interests include distribution of drinks to the education department, hospitality industry and retail outlets.

After a decade in office equipment sales, I commenced a Director of a computer and software company which we operated for a further 12 years.

During my time here I undertook various courses to further my career opportunities including workplace training and assessment as well as web design and administration. I taught at TAFE for several years.

My entire family are collectors of Jade Carvings, Japanese Netsuke and Okimino, Bronze statues, paintings, copper, silver and brass items, cloisonne items and now mammoth bone carvings.

My intention is to draw people's attention away for buying elephant ivory. Still today there are far too many being slaughtered in most parts of Africa and parts of Asia by unscrupulous poachers hell bent on seizing as much ivory for the illicit trade. Not just elephants are at risk, the poor Rhinocerous is in grave danger of extinction as are the magnificent Tiger and many other endangered species across the planet.

Although elephant herds are increasing in Asia the same is not in Africa with poachers killing many thousand in the past 5 years alone.

If everyone studied carefully the elephant bone items and the bonafides of the seller, they may take a little more time to consider buying genuine mammoth bone instead or feeding the illegal trade in endangered species.

Collecting ivory of any kind is controversial to say the least however, if you still wish to purchase ivory there are bonafide merchants who will gladly provide "Proof of Authenticy" to the buyer. This doesn't mean either that you can freely import these into your country, as with most countries a permit is required by CITES before any shipping can be done without fear of reprisal and hefty fines and possible jail.

Perhaps by doing so it may deter the poacher's slaughter of the majestic elephant and these other wonderful beasts.

CITES was formed to catch apprehend and charge anyone not found compliant with the regulations.

With the discovery of literally millions of woolley mammoth in the permafrost of Siberia in recent years, we have formed relationships with distributors who guarantee that only the material from these well extinct creatures is being used to carve intricate ornaments including Netsuke, Okimono and other detailed works of art.

If you are interested in Jade carvings and mammoth ivory carving at www.orientalartefacts.com .

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