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Gary Holdaway profile image

Gary Holdaway

Joined 5 years ago from Sleaford, UK




Also follow me on:

I always run into an instant block when I see the internets most evil creation sat neatly in the top left of my screen; the daunting words, "edit profile." After hours (minutes) of deliberation, I have reasoned that It must be down to the age old indecision between opening with "Hi, I'm Gary!" Even though my username clearly states that, or "Welcome to my profile!" Even though that is so run-of-the-mill.

In any case, for this particular profile, I decided to start with a rant about editing my profile, for that cynical, slightly crazed behaviour will be the selling point of my humble online writing venture. I have dipped my toe into the world of online content creation before, but never fully taken that leap that is required for success. But tonight that all stops.

It was 2:38AM when I wrote this, and I had to start work in six hours, but something in the back of my mind kept niggling at the surface of my thoughts, until I eventually decided to get out of bed. Hubpages! With the option for the apprenticeship program, weekly hub inspirations and contests, I have decided to become a fully fledged Hubpages user. I couldn't sleep through sheer excitement and eagerness.

I am going to throw a whole lot of effort into bringing you all the content you deserve, on a whole array of weird and wonderful subjects. Yes, I have recently set up a large project, but I want something a little more personality driven, more intimate if you like. The connection between writer and reader, the interaction between two community users, the ability to put my name to my work without any aliases and say, "Yes. I did that!"

That is what I hope to gain from this account, well that, and a little ad revenue, because lets face it, if this turned into my full time job, I'd be a thousand times happier in life and a gazillion times better at online content creation. Not to mention all the great things I'd learn along the way. Over the next month I will be building a name for myself around the community, building an online blog behind the scenes, ready to launch in mid November at the latest. At that point, I will naturally edit out this section and edit in my URL.

Although a very sudden, abrupt close is common for profiles, I also struggle with that, and so by following the example made by my intro I will rant my way out of this body of text, slowly picking myself away word by word to generally slow the flow of this writing. I've decided in the brief seconds of doing this, that I'm going to close with the words "wish me luck," as it implies a certain interaction between you and myself, along with the fact that you'll hear from me very soon. So...

Wish me luck!

P.S. I'm a storyteller by nature, and as such dont believe in revealing the whole character in one boring, over-descriptive chunk of text. And so I have intentionally been brief about myself. Those of you that see me around the community will no doubt glean more personal information from me as time goes on. I don't know why I'm strange, I just am.

Apparantly it's a sign of overwhelming intelligence? Do let me know...

Singup for hubpages now and start sharing what you know! You get to meet lots of people in a well informed, intelligent community

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