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Gaurika this side. I am an Indian teen writer who loves to read and write. Somewhat philosophical poet and writer. Always looking for creative ways to recreate ideas.

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  • Today (Musing)

    Today (Musing)

    7 months ago

    Have you looked up to a person you love or loved? Missed them terribly and lost them completely for your wrongdoings? This writeup is to express the pain we feel when we miss someone.

  • Guns And Roses (poem)

    Guns And Roses (poem)

    7 months ago

    This poem defines love between two criminals who hide their sins to protect each other. Is it necessary that everyone bad has to have a bad heart as well? Don't two negatives make a positive?

  • Shoes every entrepreneur woman should own

    Shoes every entrepreneur woman should own

    7 months ago

    Are you an entrepreneur woman struggling with your life? Tired of wearing the same old bellies every day? If yes here’s a list of shoes you should own!

  • Women's Body Shape Types

    Women's Body Shape Types

    7 months ago

    Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered what suits you? Compared your body with others but find a lot of differences because everyone has different body types.