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The Vineyard
We got started making wine some years ago. Marcia’s brother, Gene, decided he wanted he wanted to plant a vineyard. He owned about 12o acres in north Florida, so he had the room. We all got excited about the new vineyard. We still work hard several times a year in that vineyard. There is a lot to do pruning the vines, and picking the grapes.

The Harvest
The harvest is hard work, but we also have fun. Making the wine is a process that starts with picking the grapes and ends with bottling it about one year later. Of course, we get to taste it along the way. From the tanks and the bottles.

We also like to visit wineries and breweries, so we’ll talk about those too. Of, course we like to drink the beer and wine we make. We’ll also share these experiences. Let us know what you think.

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