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  • Butterflies that Smile

    Butterflies that Smile

    2 years ago

  • I Want My Sanctuary

    I Want My Sanctuary

    6 years ago

    He wants a life like a man of his age.
 Why can't that be? There should be no outrage. 
He has a job and a life that makes him happy.
 Yet his family wish for him to be a different man, the one he's meant to be. 
If I could help him,...

  • Four Walls

    Four Walls

    6 years ago

    Four Walls I am all alone, I’m a prisoner in my very own home. This is not how it was meant to be, I just want to go, get away and be free. No one comes to rescue me. So I am trapped. Trapped. Inside these. Four. Walls. ...

  • My Nanny McPhee

    My Nanny McPhee

    4 years ago

    You are my Nanny McPhee; You’re there when I need you, But I do not wish for you to stay. When I want you, but no longer need you. You must go. My Nanny McPhee; You're never there when I need you, I wished for you to stay. When...

  • Golden Sunrise and a Golden Sunset

    Golden Sunrise and a Golden Sunset

    4 years ago

    They stand there, Golden, and glowing in the sunrise. Opened up for people and traffic, Passing through the glowing gates, you can’t summarise! Sunset falls around us, But still the gates stand golden and bold! Lights sparkle...

  • And Then There Was One...

    And Then There Was One...

    6 years ago

    I have other friends who have left me, and those that I also adore, I just don't have pictures of them.

  • The Drug Addict

    The Drug Addict

    6 years ago

    I’m a drug addict No more, and no less, I pop pills everyday Even inject if I’m an utter mess. I started when I was young No one knows how it was caused, I haven’t stopped since, The world changes around me, But I feel like...

  • Together Forever

    Together Forever

    6 years ago

    First you were there, For 16 years, But they just passed me by. You were my heart, and my soul, I took you for granted And I’ll never forgive myself. Why? Then you left me, But you came to say farewell As the angels now hold on to...

  • Help Dealing with Epilepsy

    Help Dealing with Epilepsy

    6 years ago

    I have had epilepsy for almost 25 years. I have several types of seizures, take several anti convulsants, and I’ve also had a vagus nerve stimulator (VNS) fitted. As you can see from my photos I'm not one to give in to my epilepsy. I like to have...

  • One Day

    One Day

    6 years ago

    The letters have started arriving, Soon the emails will come along too. Decisions will have to be made soon. A ‘decline’ to all four schools. With my chin on my chest My head hanging so low. My brain is shrinking. My abilities...

  • Stop These Seven Days

    Stop These Seven Days

    6 years ago

    Seven days have gone by, Seven days I’ve had to try. Seven days more will go past, Seven days after I’ll try to last. Seven days more they tire me, Seven days more I go almost food free. Seven days and I see no light, Seven days, seven days,...

  • Living the Life of Riley!

    Living the Life of Riley!

    6 years ago

    This story is dedicated to a little girl I know.I would like to thank her parents for allowing me to use some photographs of her. Living the Life of Riley! On a dreary day in mid September, where there was just black skies, rain thundering...

  • Silence should be broken

    Silence should be broken

    4 years ago

    If you love someone with all your heart you should tell them everyday. Sometimes actions really DON'T speak louder than words. BREAK YOUR SILENCE!

  • Power Over Pain

    Power Over Pain

    6 years ago

    It is underneath us, then all around, People are heard screaming Except those unfound. Nowhere to run to, and no changing my fate, This life has now ended, it must terminate. Moving away, like a thunder cloud, Spreading my wings so...

  • Too Sleepy

    Too Sleepy

    6 years ago

    I cannot sleep, but I am oh so tired, It’s a waiting game now, they have the truth. Will they accept me and adapt to me? Or will they reject me because it’s too hard to be? How long will I wait, it is a million dollar question, The...

  • Give Me Help!

    Give Me Help!

    6 years ago

    It isn’t my fault I can promise you that, I love you too much, I really do. Please believe me. I’m begging you to, Please believe me. I really love you. I promise you I don’t mean it, No pain to you is intentional. I hate...

  • Little Marie

    Little Marie

    6 years ago

     This is my first story, so if you think it is bad then that is why!! Little Marie There was once a little girl called Marie, she had so many friends at her school and always came skipping home, with a beaming smile on her face! Then one day...

  • The List of Who's Who

    The List of Who's Who

    6 years ago

    My name, my real name, What is it you might ask? Georgie has to be a nickname, yes? It is, for my beloved Grandad George. It’s what his closest friends called him, And what I named my teddy He gave me when I was seven. When I was...

  • Ghost Poem!

    Ghost Poem!

    6 years ago

    This was published in a book called Write and Shine when I was 12 years old. I was chosen along with a handful of other students my age from all the schools, in my whole County, for it to be published. (My school was given the theme of scary...

  • I'm Desperate

    I'm Desperate

    6 years ago

    There is money to be saved, There is money I want to burn. There is money I get paid And every penny I always earn. I hate big debts But I just have to go. Thousands will be owed now, But my knowledge must grow. Cut up the...

  • My Sunshine

    My Sunshine

    6 years ago

    You are my sunshine You are my rays You make me happy On my trodden days. You never get told You are the one and only You are my sunshine The one I love wholly. You have been my life line You are my sunshine. Cool pics! Thanks...

  • Bubble Bath!

    Bubble Bath!

    6 years ago

    He came into my life With the subtlety of a knife Which pierced the tattooed heart On my sleeve My love was here We had no need to talk And most thrillingly No need to walk. Then the doubts, my heart is bared I’m plain, I’m me...

  • Life, Love and Laughter

    Life, Love and Laughter

    6 years ago

    Gone away for more than a day, No doubt missing all once departed. Excitement arose, Hearts racing, Days of fulfilment and fun. Life has emerged again, as quick as the shot of a gun! Don’t leave please, I beg you, Don’t leave...

  • Hello Goodbye, Hello!

    Hello Goodbye, Hello!

    6 years ago

    Dark and grey, I have lost the fight, Thrown out of my world and out of sight. What have I done? I am not a liar, You wouldn’t spit on me if I was on fire. Instead I am tarnished, no longer known, My reputation is shattered due to the...

  • Indecisive


    4 years ago

    Back and forth for so many years, Staring at her own wondering how they appeared. What should she choose? She just can’t decide, Does she just sit back and watch others pass her by? As she strengthens, her choice becomes much clearer, ...

  • What Would You Choose?

    What Would You Choose?

    6 years ago

    Stanzas, stories or sonnets, whichever you choose, Perhaps an article or two No one can lose. However you decide to express yourself, Be sure to know that you are not alone. Emotions and feelings, no matter what they are, Will be shared,...

  • What Would We Do?

    What Would We Do?

    6 years ago

    If a picture really does say a thousand words, then thousands of pictures should be taken. However, a picture doesn’t always do justice to a moment captured in time, So those thousands of words you read into those many pictures could be...

  • I'll Tell Everybody...

    I'll Tell Everybody...

    6 years ago

    I have epilepsy & have had it for over 20 years. It started when I was 6 & the doctors said everyone can have 1 seizure before being diagnosed with epilepsy. A year passed & then I had another, I was officially epileptic. I went 2 years seizure free...

  • Unwanted


    6 years ago

    Who created this bloody assignment? I want to punch them with my broken hands. I have my laptop out, paper everywhere, And I am cradling my huge notebook in my arms. I had just a week to do it, which only leaves 3 days now. I love...

  • That's Life

    That's Life

    6 years ago

    He’s back in my head why oh why? He’s making me smile my, oh my! I find his page; see his picture and sigh, I send him a message and pray for a reply. The message has gone it’s too late now, What was I thinking? Will he want me...

  • Turning Blind

    Turning Blind

    6 years ago

    Blinded by his looks and amazing personality, I started dating a guy who I met on a website. He didn’t live far from me, just by the sea, And after a while he was the biggest love in my life. I was over the moon that he wanted to be...

  • Fighter!


    6 years ago

    Patience is needed, of which I require. Stubborn as I am to get this far, An unconditional “yes” can’t be too much to ask? How long will I wait before my destiny is decided? Will it be weeks, or several months just to spite me? No...

  • You Left Me

    You Left Me

    4 years ago

    This is something that did happen to me when I was 16 years old.

  • A Dream

    A Dream

    6 years ago

    A dream upon a dream, I look beyond the stars, Who has lived there all these years, my mind wanders near and far. Such beauty hidden away from the world, It stands alone but has not failed. Turrets erect, a giant metal gate, and enormous...

  • The Countdown Begins

    The Countdown Begins

    6 years ago

    The years passed, and it’s been just a huge fantasy, The years got worse, it became a huge nightmare. Now it is time for me to believe, Now it is time to really prepare. I’m now able to get to university, Finally, my dreams could...

  • The Morning You Went Away

    The Morning You Went Away

    4 years ago

    First you were here, so humble and so very warm, You sang “I Just called to say I love you” with your wake up call. We always laughed for no particular reason, I’ll never forget my sixteenth birthday, and those loving feelings. ...

  • Some People

    Some People

    6 years ago

    WHERE THERE IS LIGHT THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SHADE. IN LIFE, TRY TO MAKE SURE THE LIGHT SHINES THROUGH MUCH MORE BRIGHTLY!!! Some people care for me, Some just don’t want to know. Some people even love me, Others would just let me go. ...

  • My Friend

    My Friend

    6 years ago

    My friend who lives so far, I search high and low, You ease my pain when needed, you’re neither fiend nor foe. I cannot just come round for a quick visit, we live so far apart, I’ll definitely come to stay though, to be with your warm...


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