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  • The Memories of Yesterday - Sequel of Just How It Is.

    The Memories of Yesterday - Sequel of Just How It Is.

    4 days ago

    From the story foretold in my poem Just How It Is, few years later after drifting apart from each other I just decided to move forward and move on even if it will hurt and break me apart more than it already did. It's time to let go and start a new. New beginnings and a journey to a happy life.

  • The Birds Singing in the Sky

    The Birds Singing in the Sky

    8 days ago

    Waking up to the sounds of mornings always bring us some hope and realizations that we are never alone in whatever challenges we face all throughout our day. Life still goes on even for every creature around us despite difficulties. Let us always be grateful for every blessings we receive.

  • Don't Let Other People Define Who You Really Are.

    Don't Let Other People Define Who You Really Are.

    8 days ago

    Learn to value your worth and your own self. You don't have to do things just because it's currently on trend. Don't let others have control of what you really want to be because that will never be who you really are. Acknowledge every achievements. Never give up. You'll make it if you just believe.

  • Podcast101: A Day in the Life

    Podcast101: A Day in the Life

    5 weeks ago

    Is this a Podcast Script? or a Poem? Either way I hope in this little way I tried my best to make you smile. Find the joy in every wit. It can be a little dark, deep, satirical, but also inspiring. Enjoy. Comment which line stood out the most for you. Stay safe!

  • The Songs of our Lives

    The Songs of our Lives

    8 days ago

    Songs sometimes speak for us when we can't express ourselves properly. Songs will remind us of a lot of things, thus listening to songs has become part of our habit and our lives. Dig in to know what are the type of songs that makes life more interesting. Without songs, Life is dull and boring.

  • Days of Lockdown

    Days of Lockdown

    6 months ago

    Describing what fear and anxiety is like in the perspective of a young adult facing depression as well. What pressure and stress is like and how does it affect the daily routine of individuals. Living life with threats and fears in this new normal, how are we supposed to handle it? and more.

  • Finding Forgiveness and Peace in time for Lenten Season in a Pandemic

    Finding Forgiveness and Peace in time for Lenten Season in a Pandemic

    6 months ago

    Forgiving at times may be difficult but know that you can still do so if you start within yourselves. Love yourself as you make peace with the past. Healing will take time so just keep holding on to your faith.

  • An Opt: Valentines Day Special 2020

    An Opt: Valentines Day Special 2020

    7 months ago

    Forms of Love and what I have learned from them.

  • Just Like Every Firsts

    Just Like Every Firsts

    4 days ago

    Our every firsts somehow correlates to something we know and what we love most. I got inspired writing this from the Chinese Series called "Count Your Lucky Stars" featuring Shen Yue and Jerry Yan. On starting a project we always go to our roots, starting on things we like and are comfortable with.

  • Just How It Is

    Just How It Is

    4 days ago

    Uncertainty of Love in Various forms. A Story between two young individuals that found love at the online platform. This is based on a true story of the author's first love.


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