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    Big Fear Little Faith

    3 years ago

    Our little faith may demand a bigger boat in the crisis, but our Lord requires a bigger faith in him.

  • The Ekklesia of God

    The Ekklesia of God

    3 years ago

    As many Christians fight back to reclaim their freedom to worship, their religious buildings have become a battleground.

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    Worry Empties Today's Strength

    3 years ago

    Considering these birds has caused me to consider myself in light of God’s provision. I could see that human beings made in the image of God are far more valuable than a flock of these winged freeloaders.

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    Changing Minds Moving People

    3 years ago

    There’s no doubt that God will use anything at his disposal, even a major life crisis, to change stubborn minds and move disobedient people.

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    THE COVID-19 CHURCH CHALLENGE: Immanuel, God With Us

    3 years ago

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    THE COVID-19 CHURCH CHALLENGE: God in the Crisis

    3 years ago

    Whether it’s pandemic illnesses or political agendas, it can seem tough to see God working in the world.

  • THE COVID-19 CHURCH CHALLENGE: Doing Church Will Change

    THE COVID-19 CHURCH CHALLENGE: Doing Church Will Change

    3 years ago

    Our way of doing church will change. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic challenge, I encourage Christians to hold tight to what is sacred—and hold everything else loosely.

  • Where It All Began

    Where It All Began

    4 years ago

    The Upper Room is where it all began. This is the place where Jesus physically celebrated his Last Supper with the disciples before his crucifixion. And this is the place where Jesus spiritually manifested himself with his disciples after his resurrection.

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    Our Unfinished Life Stories

    6 years ago

    The story of an unfinished life rings true of the struggle we face daily. It puts its finger upon the emotional tug-of-war I am engaged in.

  • The Hopes And Fears

    The Hopes And Fears

    4 years ago

    God chose to enter our fearful planet and live among a people who have lost all hope. Christmas night is where the Christ child met the hopes and fears of all the years.

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    The Last Man Dancing: The Nestor de Villa Story

    11 years ago

    For a fortunate few, the path to stardom came fast and easy. For a good-looking young man from an obscure town, Gines Francisco Soriano never dreamed of coming to Manila only to be discovered for the movies.

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    Life Goes So Fast: A Eulogy For Nestor de Villa

    5 years ago

    Like my father said, “Life is short. We have to be ready and know how it is to be with God when we pass away. That’s because we will never know when it will happen. It could happen tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month—it will happen.” Life goes so fast…

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    To An Unknown Dad: Nestor de Villa

    13 years ago

    If the apostle Paul were to enter the inner museum of my mind, walk around and look carefully through the “Hall of Father Figures,” he would have found an altar with this inscription: “To an unknown Dad.”

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    Understanding Six Principles of Giving

    3 years ago

    Our God is a giving God. Giving is one of his attributes. Christians should take great joy in being able to reflect and share in God’s attributes through the act of giving. Should Christians exact a tenth of all their income to the local church? How are believers to gauge their giving? Both the Old...

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    Understanding the Gifts of Healing

    10 years ago

    The biblical account of healing can answer many of our questions today. How much of what the bible is saying on this subject is clouded by our theological tradition? Is it possible to be healed from our diseases if only we have the faith to believe? Does doubt come in the way of a miraculous cure...

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    You Will Get Wet

    4 years ago

    At the height of the storm, at the point where the very lives of his disciples were threatened, where was Jesus? Rather than being up on deck and in full control of the situation, where did they find him? “He was in the stern, asleep on the cushion.” Can you picture that? His disciples couldn’t...


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