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For over 33 years, Gicky Soriano has been serving as a pastor and teacher in a number of churches across the California coast. He has written as well as contributed numerous articles for magazines, newspapers, books and blogs. When he's not reading, writing or preparing sermons, you can catch him biking in the Bay Area, doing lots of FaceTime with his children, or just patiently answering all the "why" questions of his curious grandson Sebastian.

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  • Our Unfinished Life Stories

    Our Unfinished Life Stories

    11 months ago

    The story of an unfinished life rings true of the struggle we face daily. It puts its finger upon the emotional tug-of-war I am engaged in.

  • The Hopes And Fears

    The Hopes And Fears

    16 months ago

    God chose to enter our fearful planet and live among a people who have lost all hope. Christmas night is where the Christ child met the hopes and fears of all the years.

  • What Child Is This?

    What Child Is This?

    16 months ago

    What child is this? Do you know that song? That’s really THE QUESTION for Christmas isn’t it? What child is this? And the answer to that question is countless.

  • What Dreams May Come

    What Dreams May Come

    16 months ago

    Some 30 miles north from where I live, in the town of Tiburon, a celebrated actor and beloved comic genius has just taken his life. As the week unfolded, the world mourned the death of Robin Williams. His many fans...

  • The Sky Is Falling

    The Sky Is Falling

    22 months ago

    While driving through Oakland last month, I passed a huge billboard proclaiming, “Judgment Day May 21, 2011.” You have probably seen them posted along major freeways. The message is not limited to billboards. It’s...

  • The Last Man Dancing: The Nestor de Villa Story

    The Last Man Dancing: The Nestor de Villa Story

    6 years ago

    For a fortunate few, the path to stardom came fast and easy. For a good-looking young man from an obscure town, Gines Francisco Soriano never dreamed of coming to Manila only to be discovered for the movies.

  • Life Goes So Fast: A Eulogy For Nestor de Villa

    Life Goes So Fast: A Eulogy For Nestor de Villa

    6 weeks ago

    Like my father said, “Life is short. We have to be ready and know how it is to be with God when we pass away. That’s because we will never know when it will happen. It could happen tonight, tomorrow, next week, next...

  • To An Unknown Dad: Nestor de Villa

    To An Unknown Dad: Nestor de Villa

    8 years ago

    If the apostle Paul were to enter the inner museum of my mind, walk around and look carefully through the “Hall of Father Figures,” he would have found an altar with this inscription: “To an unknown Dad.”

  • Understanding Six Principles of Giving

    Understanding Six Principles of Giving

    2 months ago

    Our God is a giving God. Giving is one of his attributes. Christians should take great joy in being able to reflect and share in God’s attributes through the act of giving. Should Christians exact a tenth of all their...

  • Understanding the Gifts of Healing

    Understanding the Gifts of Healing

    5 years ago

    The biblical account of healing can answer many of our questions today. How much of what the bible is saying on this subject is clouded by our theological tradition? Is it possible to be healed from our diseases if only...

  • Restoring The Fallen Leader

    Restoring The Fallen Leader

    17 months ago

    Sooner or later, all our human idols totter and topple. And it is not uncommon for ministers to fall. Sadly though, the higher up they are, the harder they fall. Some of them realize their fallen state and are enabled...