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I am a spinner of tales, a dreamer of dreams, and a keeper of the 'Olde Ways'.

I have told stories all my life and have actually written several things for the children and grandchildren but until recently have never considered trying to write for publication. Now 'TRIAND In The In-Between' my first novel is in the hands of the publisher and will available online at Feisen Press, Amazon and other book stores next month.I am also working on 2 more novels 'The Threads of Time' which should be out by Christmas and 'SANCT-U-IRY' plus a memoir.

I am a product of the 60's and have done it all: worked as a stripper, Call girl and Madam, served in the military, marched with M.L.K. lived in a commune, protested and been arrested for sitting down and have been active in the Peace and Anti-War movement as well as Women's and Pagan rights. I also nursed my husband through a long terminal illness; letting him die with dignity at home, despite strong opposition. This is just one more phase of who I am. Hope you enjoy it. Blessed Be.

After almost 64 years of LIVING, raising other’s children (they are the children of my heart),working with and against the system, and in general, SURVIVINGI am soon starting my second year of college at SJRSC in St Augustine where i plan to major in Photojournalism and Creative Writing.

Martha ‘Gipsiecrone’ Bowman

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