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We, George and Judy, believe life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. We are eager learners and find value in exploring new fields of knowledge. Each exploration has provided many new opportunities and a lot of adventure. We have worked through big challenges, and have learned how to keep pressing forward. Obstacles to us are opportunities for finding solutions and personal growth. Our latest opportunity is growing our internet marketing business. We are drawing upon our prior business and life experiences and the knowledge of those who have gone before us in the world of internet marketing to grow our business. For us, internet marketing provides so much opportunity. We want to help others who wish to start or have started their own internet marketing business to be successful. As career minded individuals we have been employed in several business fields including: licensed securities and investments, financial planning; real estate, mortgage and life insurance agents; bank officer; certified teacher, information technology manager and software engineer (application software, reporting tools, hardware-infrastructure, project management, and quality assurance), and management consulting. Life is filled with other interests and hobbies as well. Those include: musician, wedding planning and coordination, Bible teaching, speaking Japanese, do it yourself homeowner projects, vinyl records and old movies collecting, photography, seamstress, gardening, flower arranging, crafts, natural health and remedy cures and travel. For us, article marketing is a great opportunity to share our business knowledge and life experiences with others.

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