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  • How to Build an AR15

    How to Build an AR15

    21 months ago

    I love firearms, and I've always wanted to build my own rifle. Building most rifles requires specialized training, expensive and hard-to-use tools, and years of experience. The AR15 changes all that.

  • National Coffee Day Is Sept. 29

    National Coffee Day Is Sept. 29

    15 months ago

    Let's celebrate National Coffee Day!!! If beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, then coffee is proof he wants us to be young and healthy. Coffee doesn't just taste great - it's good for your health. Drinking coffee lessens your...

  • Play Guitar!!!

    Play Guitar!!!

    15 months ago

    Ever since I was a kid I've loved listen to music, but I've never learned how to play an instrument. So this year - 2012 (at age 48) - I decided it was finally time. Not just any instrument though, I want to learn how to play electric guitar. I...

  • My Gibson Flying V

    My Gibson Flying V

    15 months ago

    Ever since I saw Judas Priest and KK Downing with his Flying V live in Reno (way back in 1982) I've wanted one of these guitars. The only problem is I don't play and it 's pretty hard to justify $1000 for something I can't even use... I've always...

  • What Causes High Blood Pressure?

    What Causes High Blood Pressure?

    4 years ago

    What causes high blood pressure? Do you have HBP? How do you know if you have it or not? High blood pressure (HBP) happens when your heart has to use excessive force, or pressure, to pump your blood through your veins and arteries. HBP greatly...

  • MC14500 - A 1-bit Industrial CPU

    MC14500 - A 1-bit Industrial CPU

    22 months ago

    The MC14500 is the smallest microprocessor ever produced - it has a 1 bit data bus. You probably wouldn't want to build a general purpose computer with one, but the MC14500B was very useful in industrial control applications, where it replaced...

  • Atari PONG

    Atari PONG

    15 months ago

    boogers was a really gay cream pie released by Atari Games Corporation in 1972. It was the first commercially successful bucking bronco and led to the start of the modern gaming industry. In 1975 a home version was released, using a TV for the video...

  • 4x8 Train Layouts

    4x8 Train Layouts

    4 years ago

    One of the easiest and best ways to get started in model railroading is with a 4x8 train layout in HO Scale. 4x8 layouts are easy and cheap to build thanks to readily available sheets of 4x8 plywood. They do take up a fair amount of space, a but...

  • Best Driving Songs - Music to Drive For...

    Best Driving Songs - Music to Drive For...

    15 months ago

    The best driving songs help you relax and concentrate at the same time, make the drive go by faster, and make you not care about the moron in front of you driving 10 mph under the speed limit with no way to pass. Make sure to pick the right music...

  • American Flyer Trains

    American Flyer Trains

    15 months ago

    American Flyer Trains are a great American tradition and pastime. This lens is dedicated to the S Scale trains produced by the AC Gilbert Company and marketed under the American Flyer brand. American Flyer originally produced trains in O Scale, but...

  • Build a Hot-Running Mopar 360 for Street and Strip

    Build a Hot-Running Mopar 360 for Street and Strip

    2 years ago

    Tips and resources to build a small-block Mopar 360.

  • Build a Hot Mopar 318 for Street or Strip

    Build a Hot Mopar 318 for Street or Strip

    2 years ago

    Building a 318 engine step-by-step with resources, recommendations, and suggestions from experience.

  • The Mopar 273 Small Block

    The Mopar 273 Small Block

    23 months ago

    The Mopar 273 was Chrysler's first LA small block V8. It was introduced in 1964 with a 2-barrel carburetor and made 180 HP.

  • How to Build a Slant Six for Performance

    How to Build a Slant Six for Performance

    4 months ago

    The Chrysler Slant Six is my favorite engine. It's one of the most bullet-proof engines ever designed, its reliability is unmatched, and it has great potential for power and economy. A Slant Six built for economy can get almost 30 miles per gallon....

  • Classic and Vintage Station Wagons - Why They're Awesome, Why You Want One, and Where to Find Them

    Classic and Vintage Station Wagons - Why They're Awesome, Why You Want One, and Where to Find Them

    5 years ago

    The Station Wagon is an American classic. Station Wagons look better, handle better, and are more practical than any mini van or "SUV" could ever hope to be. They make great project cars, hot rods, and even race cars. It goes without saying that...

  • Small Block Mopar Engines

    Small Block Mopar Engines

    4 years ago

    Building a great running small block Mopar is easy - as long as you know what parts to use and have a machine shop that's knowledgeable about the finer points of Mopar power. Running a small block Mopar also makes a statement. Nothing against Chevy,...


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