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Glenda’s interests and expertise include a passion for teaching and learning through promoting critical thinking in the designing and creating of qualitative, quantitative, and arts-based research. Educational experience includes a BS in Business/International Business, MSAP in Applied Psychology/ Program Evaluation, and she is currently a PhD student in General Psychology. Experience in research includes topic areas such as psychology, spirituality, creativity, problem solving, human development, change, individuation, transformational learning, and appreciative inquiry. Glenda’s inspirational motto is “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself” by D. H. Lawrence.

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  • Yoga and the Mind/body Connection

    Yoga and the Mind/body Connection

    17 months ago

    Yoga is a discipline to create inner order. Yoga postures are tools to order the mind. The goal is to achieve “no-mind” or the ability to watch the mind without identification, which is also called “witnessing”...