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Hello! My name is Gloria and I am a mother of four rambuncious boys! I've been happily married for over 13 years to a wonderful and insightful man.

I work as a teacher's aide and am also an ordained minister. I also work as a journalist at digital journal(that's my plug and theirs, lol!)

My interests are varied. I love to talk and encourage others in my Christian faith, as well as encourage people in general. I enjoy being an 'ear' to others, and have read and trained-even couseled others on relationships(dealing with slight relationship issues to toxic relationships and what to do about them). I do not consider myself an expert, although,I and my husband have couseled others together as a team. Even though we are both ordained minsters, I do not consider myself an 'expert' and don't really thinj others are(regardless of any letters they have after their names), I believe that I have been blessed in experience and that it is really an ongoing training. I believe each of us have room to learn, and no amount of training or letters one collects that may accredit them is as valid as being a compassionate ear to someone, or spiritually sensitive and instinctive to thier needs. No amount of education(although helpful)can replace this.

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