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I am the Sr. Pastor of Abundant Life Christian Ministry in Decatur, Ga. A husband, father of two sons, and grandfather of seven wonderful grand-children. I am a simple, down to earth person, a man who loves God, and strives to live life every day by Faith, and to teach others how to " Stand on The Promises of God." Yet, I am a man who is reachable and reasonable, as willing to learn, as I am to teach.

I am the Author of a dynamic new inspirational book, that speaks to the issues of life, and to Salvation in Jesus. The book is entitled,


Available On-Line: Barnes&Nobles.com, Amazon.com, PublishAmerica.net


There are some who were fortunate enough to have been born wealthy, yet, none of us were born Holy. Read how God determines our lives, before we are concieved in our mother's womb, and brings us through all of our hills and valleys, our trials and tribulations, and works it all out for our good, and for His Glory.

I encourage you to leave your comments and words of inspiration as you read my hubs, become a fan, and allow me to become a fan of yours, because I'll also be reading your hubs.

Please E-Mail me with requests for speaking engagements at: alcm.message@yahoo.com

Thanks & God Bless

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  • It Wasn't The Nails That Held Jesus On The Cross

    It Wasn't The Nails That Held Jesus On The Cross

    8 years ago

    In our church, it is not uncommon to hear someone say during our praise and worship, " Every time I think about Jesus, I feel good." or, " When I think about the goodness of Jesus, my soul cries out, Hallelujah!" I...

  • A Thank You Letter To My Pastor

    A Thank You Letter To My Pastor

    7 months ago

    Our Sunday School class was really into the lesson on that morning. All the men were responding to the lesson in ways that made me know everyone had spent time in study and meditation during the week. The teacher was...

  • You Can Come Back Now

    You Can Come Back Now

    7 months ago

    In the beginning, looking through our minds eye, we can see our Great God, Father of all creation, stepping out on nothing, for the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. We can...

  • Please Be Patient With Me

    Please Be Patient With Me

    7 months ago

    The bible says that to whom much is given, much is required. And also that God has given to each of us the measure of faith. Yet, I have to admit, that there are times when we come right to the edge of sanity, patience,...

  • When Religion Is Spelled H-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e

    When Religion Is Spelled H-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e

    7 months ago

    I wish that I could give you an accurate count of the number of churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues we have in these United States, but I can't. Though there are some recorded numbers, I don't believe anyone can....