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    Want to Make Your Wild Birds Happy? Feed Them Nuts!

    9 years ago

    If you want to make your wild birds happy, nuts are sure to put a smile on their beaks! For fall and winter treats they can’t be beat. Discover their favorites, and the best way to serve them.

  • 22

    How to Make a Hummingbird Feeder Wreath

    3 months ago

    If you want to add a beautiful decorative statement to your windows while attracting hummingbirds, this easy-to-make feeder wreath will help the little guys find their way to you.

  • 15

    Create Safe Bird Habitats With Climbing Roses

    10 years ago

    I may be old fashioned, but to me there is nothing that compares to a rose. The fragrance and beauty of older heirlooms, wild roses and new varieties just cannot be beat. Choose climbing roses, and you automatically create an outstanding habitat for birds that will have long-reaching benefits...

  • 22

    The Juncos I Have Come to Know

    3 years ago

    It might be easy to overlook Dark-Eyed Juncos because of their gray and brown colorations. But it is impossible to overlook their helpful and voracious weed seed and insect-eating appetite. Come discover more about the number one feeder bird in the US!

  • 29

    Finches Come in All the Colors of the Rainbow

    16 months ago

    Members of the finch family represent all the colors of the rainbow, and more. These seed- and fruit-loving birds literally come in each of the five colors, plus white and black!

  • 10

    Attract Birds You Have Never Seen Before With Fruit

    10 years ago

    Fruits of all kinds are welcomed by our bird friends. The old standbys, like apples and oranges can be supplemented to attract a larger variety of birds to your yard. Tropical fruits including mangoes and papayas may bring you visits from birds you have never seen before!

  • 16

    How Do Birds Get Their Colors?

    7 years ago

    Have you ever wondered why some birds have iridescent patches; or why Northern Cardinals are red; or what makes Blue Jays blue? How dull would life be without the colors that punctuate our lives? Everywhere you look Mother Nature has given us a huge paint box full of colors; and she reserves her...

  • 14

    The Sounds of Hummingbirds

    19 months ago

    While in flight, at the nectar feeder, fending off intruders, or enjoying a rain shower on a hot summer day, Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds constantly communicate and vocalize. Read about these ‘songs’ and you will begin to hear your hummers with different ears.

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    8 Easy Ways to Landscape Under Bird Feeders

    6 months ago

    Do you have an unsightly bare spot under your bird feeders? Here are eight easy solutions for transforming that bald spot under the feeder.

  • 47

    How and Why to Attract Owls to Your Backyard

    10 years ago

    Beautiful, elegant and intelligent, owls are also very efficient at reducing rodent populations. That makes them a gardener’s best friend. Learn how to attract these amazing birds to your backyard.

  • 20

    Briar Patches Are For the Birds!

    10 years ago

    That’s right--they love ‘em! Plant even a small briar patch and you’re almost guaranteed to see birds that have never visited your yard before. There’s a large variety of berry plants from which to choose, including thornless. Plant enough bushes for you and your backyard birds to enjoy.

  • 33

    Mouse and Rat Poison: What They're Not Telling Us

    6 months ago

    Rodent-killing chemicals are indiscriminately poisoning our children, pets, and wildlife and killing the natural rodent population at an alarming rate.

  • 67

    How to Make a Hanging Bird Nesting Basket in 5 Easy Steps

    6 months ago

    This is an easy project that will benefit your baby birds by keeping them hidden from predators. In just five easy steps, you can make this beautiful nesting basket.

  • 13

    Best Tips to Attract Northern Cardinals to Your Yard

    10 years ago

    If you are longing for the sights and sounds of everyone's favorite redbird, the beautiful Northern Cardinals, follow my easy plan to create a cardinal habitat. Give them what they like and you are sure to catch sight of these gorgeous birds in no time!

  • 15

    How to Stop Woodpeckers From Damaging Your House

    6 months ago

    Are woodpeckers causing damage to your house? Find out why they do it, and how to stop them. With these tips and tricks, these annoying birds will be gone in no time.

  • 30

    How to Feed Your Backyard Birds Without Going Broke

    11 years ago

    If the price of black oil sunflower seed has discouraged you from feeding your backyard birds, consider using some or all of my 9 ways to stretch your bird seed dollar. Some of them may even surprise you!

  • 8

    Building the Ultimate Brush Pile: 4 Easy Steps to a Super Brush Pile for Birds

    11 years ago

    Building a brush pile is easy and fun. You have to pile that stuff someplace, right? Why not make it bird-user-friendly while you're at it! Here are 4 easy steps to a great brush pile that will attract more birds to your yard.

  • 26

    Starlings in the US: The Good, the Bad, the Bold, and the Beautiful

    7 months ago

    Starlings have a very bad reputation, and for good reason. They are aggressive and have displaced some of our native songbirds by competing for nesting spots and food sources. Starlings aren't all bad, though. Discover their unique talents and learn how to keep them out of your bird feeders.

  • 11

    7 Natural Ways to Attract Orioles to Your Yard

    8 months ago

    If you have never had the pleasure of hearing or seeing the gorgeous Northern (Baltimore) oriole, here are seven natural ways you can attract them to your yard and gardens. You won't be sorry—they are voracious insect eaters!

  • 10

    8 Evergreen Shrubs for Birds

    8 months ago

    Add year-round beauty and interest to your landscape while providing natural protection from bad weather and predators for your feathered visitors.

  • 41

    Fun Questions and Answers About Wild Turkeys

    9 years ago

    Do you know why Ben Franklin wanted to name the wild turkey as our national symbol instead of the bald eagle? Do you know what a hen turkey looks like, or how many eggs she lays? Find out the answers to these questions and more!

  • 29

    Blue Jays: Clever Mimics of the Bird World

    16 months ago

    Blue Jays are not only clever mimics, but highly intelligent birds that love day old bread. They have the reputation for being bully birds, and rightly so. But I don't think there's a prettier sight in the middle of winter than blue jays and cardinals in the snow!


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