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The Great Toys Mall is, believe it or not, one man. And, to call him a great toys mall really isn’t that big of a stretch. Born in the latter part of the 70s, GTM had a great childhood in NEOH (that’s Northeast Ohio for the uninitiated). He was like many others of his generation—spoiled by the toys that were advertised all morning long. Back then, you see, cartoons played on a number of stations before 8am during the week and often until noon or close to it on Saturday. There wasn’t a Cartoon Network or Anime Channel. Nope, those poor kids back then had to drag themselves out of bed, still in their footie pajamas, downstairs to watch TV. Kids back then didn’t even have a laptop or iPhone at the ready to download the latest streaming episode of their favorite show. Heck, if they were lucky, they could maybe record it on VHS or even Beta. If you don’t know Beta, you don’t know fun!

Something happened with GTM that happened to all kids. He was programmed. The programming did not bury itself below the surface to run as some subroutine whenever a commercial came out telling him to buy something. Instead, it stayed right there at the top. Now, GTM may seem like he has more loose screws than a complicated piece of IKEA furniture that someone refused to read the instructions to, but the man is both a genius and a reciprocal for all sorts of data. If you ever get caught in some form of time warp and get sent back to 1984—this is the guy you want with you! Style, toys, culture. He knows it all. He has stayed up with the times, too.

Oh, and if you ever see him buying something in a toy store, buy it yourself and then save it for someone special’s birthday, put it away until the time is right (don’t worry, you will know when it is), or just head on over to eBay and make your money now. Affectionately referred to as “the golden goose” by some of his friends for his “Star Wars feeling,” GTM has made good money with collectible toys and has made the day of several boys and girls when selling something just wasn’t as right as giving it to someone who would really enjoy it.

So, here you will find all sorts of useful information on what’s hot, what was hot, and what’s going to be hot. Step on into the vault of the mind of the Great Toys Mall, but remember: Usual Vault rules apply—touch not, lest ye be touched.

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