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I think we're all interested to produce - to create, to give, to express. And that's why we have passions and that's why, in one way or another, we work on things we're interested in.

As a writer, I don't wanna be that guy who basically just produces a slightly altered version of something and call it his own. Yes - let's be free to admit that great artists simply copy from other great artists and add a little of themselves in every piece of work, but what I feel that's missing in works of less than 'great' people - what I feel that's missing in unremarkable work, is a touch of persistence.

Let's not be satisfied with just being able to produce quality work - let us instead be obsessed about how we can enjoy every little detail that goes into something.

So you're running and you're in your daily jog routine and you're counting your laps and your fitbit says everything about the calories you've burned. But have you ever paid any attention to how each of your toes touch the ground? Have you ever took notice of how your hips and shoulders sway?

You might not need to take note of these 'trivial' little things, but one day you'll wake up and think to yourself, 'What if the beautiful things in life are in the pixels?'

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