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The term "greatest writer that ever lived" gets tossed around a lot these days, but how often do we really mean it? Greg's gift to humanty is his prolific prose.

Not content to simply instruct, educate, and illuminate his readers, Greg bestows upon them an elite status. His readers are quite simply better than everyone else BECAUSE they are his readers.

You're welcome.

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Thank you for the edification. You are too kind.

I am the ninety seventh patriarch in a lineage that traces it's roots to the Ptolemaic dynasty. The knowledge I am sworn to protect is the core compendium of accumulated human wisdom that necessitated the construction of the Library at Alexandria.

Hidden in a secret sub-basement deep beneath the library, these sacred scrolls survived even the fires and destruction of the Roman Empire.

For generations, my forefathers have guarded these ancient truths with their lives. The Knights Templar were a mere red herring... a distraction for those who saught to infiltrate our ranks.

Many of my ancestors have been slain. They have endured persecution and torture due to their sacred oath, yet none have divulged these great secrets.

I, however, must follow my own destiny. I am in a rock and roll band, and I think we could really make it someday if the lead singer wasn't such a douche.

My parents just don't get that I gotta be me. They give me boring lectures about carrying on the family business, and have insisted on passing me this dusty old torch.

Therefore, I am now giving away the closely guarded and blood-soaked secrets of the ancient rulers for free... and to whoever happens to be reading this page.

For the uninitiated, you would do well to start at the beginning. My core writings are a series. There is a link at the end of each which leads to the next.

Ask yourself first, however: Are you truly ready for this life-altering experience? Do you have what it takes to absorb and utilize this knowledge?

Are you worthy?




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