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I am a mother of three teenaged children who ignore me. I am married to a workaholic husband and am bored. I have never wanted to be a writer, or even think I might have a chance at becoming one, I'm just wanting to have some fun. Enjoy!

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  • how  to pick a wedgie

    how to pick a wedgie

    9 years ago

    The following may be offensive to the prudish and not funny individual. If you are one of these people please read something else as this may not be for you! Wedgies, the bain of women everywhere. It's not bad enough...

  • the art of picking your nose and how not to get caught

    the art of picking your nose and how not to get caught

    8 years ago

    To pick or not to pick, is that the question? The answer to that quetion is pick. According to a study done in 1995 requesting information from 1000 randomly selected adults about nose picking, defined as the insertion...

  • Hottest male actors

    Hottest male actors

    6 years ago

    I wanted to make a list of hottest male actors. There seem to be so many out there about females. Thought us girls could use a female perspective. These are just a few I like. Orlando Bloom- Trilogy hottie-I first...