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Joined 8 years ago from New York City




Not much to say here! I'm just a 20-year-old college student who likes psychology, linguistics, politics, and some other assorted topics. I decided to be lame and upload papers and the like that I've written over the years here. I figure somebody other my professors might find them interesting (I hope!).

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  • Entertainment and Media (1)
  • Family and Parenting (1)
  • Religion and Philosophy (1)
  • The Effects of Institutionalization on Children

    The Effects of Institutionalization on Children

    6 years ago

    Institutionalization of orphaned and unwanted children has been a long-standing Western tradition, and only in the last century has society begun to realize the damning ramifications of the practice on children. This form of care still remains...

  • The Effect of Nazism on Norse Mythology

    The Effect of Nazism on Norse Mythology

    6 years ago

    After the advent of Christianity, Germanic mythology largely faded into nonexistence.  With Christianity’s monotheistic focus, there was no room for the Norse pantheon, and it simply became a relic of the past, a simple set of myths that the...

  • The Christianization of Norse Mythology

    The Christianization of Norse Mythology

    6 years ago

    Despite the plethora of works describing Norse myth, it is incredibly difficult to analyze Norse myth and culture. Simply put, what information we have at current about Norse mythology is, while abundant, not necessarily true. In taking hold of...

  • An Analysis of the O.J. Simpson Case Evidence and Forensic Techniques

    An Analysis of the O.J. Simpson Case Evidence and Forensic Techniques

    2 years ago

    On June 12, 1994, investigators were called to 875 South Bundy Drive, a large house in a wealthy neighborhood of Brentwood, California, to follow up on a 911 call reporting a body sprawled out on the front walk of the house.  Upon arriving at 12:13...

  • The Bay of Pigs: An American Embarrassment

    The Bay of Pigs: An American Embarrassment

    8 years ago

    As a country grows more powerful, it becomes ever more fearful of its potential demise and will often go to great lengths to eliminate potential threats. The Bay of Pigs operation was one such example of this mentality. Prompted by the desire to...

  • Victor: the Wild Boy of Aveyron

    Victor: the Wild Boy of Aveyron

    6 years ago

    “[The Savage] looks with compassion on poor civilized man -- no courage, no strength, incapable of providing himself with food and shelter: a degenerate, a moral cretin, a figure of fun in his blue coat, his red hose, his black hat, his white ...