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I work in the field of Auto Sales and at the same time have also been running a Jewelry Manufacturing Work Shop, which is actually much of family inherited business as my family is associated with Gold Jewelry crafts for centuries. However my personal interest in the industry of Car Sales has actually allowed me to indulge in this venture as well, which I am really enjoying at present.

I have been an avid fan of the Internet but have been inactive for quite sometime probably because I was more focused on my offline work. But recently the curiosity of exploring the Internet has once again developed in me. Its not that I am some old fellow who has nothing to do with technology or gadgets; its just I am more used to the common social networking and simple communication aspect of the Internet.

But I know Internet has a lot much more to it so I want to keep myself abreast with all those stuff, specially the opportunity of generating online revenue streams, if I find out what works for me. Although I know and have seen others around me that making money on the Internet is not easy; the same rules that go with making money offline applies to the online ways, that is, hard work! Infact much more hard work is required to make it happen online.

I will be hoping to do some if not a lot of hard work, to generate a passive income source for me and possibly integrate my offline business into an online business as well. However the reason I am here at Hubpages is something more then the monetization factor.

I was actually introduced to Hubpages by a blogger who told me about this fabulous platform to share knowledge and get rewarded for you efforts. Therefore, I came to explore it myself and soon found out that Hubpages is a wonderful community with tons of information that helps people around the world. I would make my best effort to share what ever information I have with the visitor, and hope to make a loyal readership, by establishing my identity as a quality author not just on Hubapges, but the Internet in general.

If you have any queries regarding my articles or you want any help regarding what you are researching on, feel free to hit the ‘Contact Hamad Irfan’ button on my profile page and my articles to get the answers you need, directly from me.

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