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Being a foreign university student in USA since 2009, I had a chance to travel alot and meet some spectacular people on my journeys. Throughout my life, I've lived and studied in 4 countries due to my parent's occupation. These travels have taught me a wide range of communication skills and enligthened me on lots of diferent perspectives.

I'm from Istanbul, Turkey. Currently studying Finance at Penn State University. I'm interested in video games, fitness, futbol(soccer), basketball, movies/TV shows and offcourse business. Experiencing the "true college life" in one of the top party schools in this country, I learned some very important rules about surviving and making the best out of college. I mean after all, being a foreign student in America, everybody we leave behind back home have high expectations from us.

If you're a student from Europe new to the states, you will find that you are given alot more writting assignments. This quickly developed my writting skills, so why not share my knowledge and wisdom with fellow hubberrs :) ?

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