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I want to share with you my experience in personal and business relationships, children up-bringing and education. I do not intend to teach you how to live your life or bring up your children, because no one has the right to do that! On the contrary, I want to help you to further your analyzing skills and qualitative thinking, so as to solve the problems yourself. After all, your life is in your hands and only you have the power to improve it. Often given advices do not work because we apply them without actually understanding the channels and mechanisms through which emotions influence our minds and thus we do not adjust them rightly to the situation. There are so much nuances of the human condition which are to be explored. I am offering you a broader perspective of different cases so that you can build your personal emotional map which will guide you through whatever path you choose.

Once you have developed these skills, you will be a real leader both in both professional and personal aspect, because the world is mostly driven by emotions rather than rational thinking.

Feel free to contact me and ask all kinds of questions related or not to my articles. I am waiting for your challenge!

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  • How to neutralize energy vampires?

    How to neutralize energy vampires?

    7 years ago

    There are vampires and vampires. Stroner ones and weaker ones, but they are all vampires and you are the victim. Then what we have to do? Should we just stay and waite so that our energy get sucked by them? Do we have...

  • The curse of the broken mirror

    The curse of the broken mirror

    8 years ago

    Probably everyone has heard horrible stories about how a broken mirror can make your love life miserable. Well they might be true. Yet, a broken mirror can make a lot more than that. In this article I am going to...