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Wow- seven years since I last kept a blog. In that time I've learned a new language, achieved a degree, learned how to teach English, written two books and, probably most relevantly, I learned how to call myself a writer.

What do I plan to use my hubs for now that I have gotten over the idealistic non-conformist views of my youth? Well, my immediate thoughts are to use it to inspire, to help other young writers, to practice my skills and to hopefully add another string to my bow. I feel like I've come full circle...this is where I started, and it's kinda nice to be back. There are hubbers to meet, and articles to read, I have awful poetry to regale you with and rundowns on how much patience it actually takes to become an author. Bare with me till I get myself familiar with the process again and I promise it will be worth it!

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  • The Impuratus Collocutio (or How We Killed Christmas)

    The Impuratus Collocutio (or How We Killed Christmas)

    5 months ago

    The Impuratus Collocutio are known for their miscreant members but on February 29th the dastardly crew did something so degraded that even the Devil wept. They killed Christmas. Here's how:

  • The Mines of Mazarron

    The Mines of Mazarron

    4 months ago

    I had the recent pleasure of taking a walk around the Mines of Mazarron in Spain. It's an inspiring place and when I got back I wrote a dark little tale...

  • Our Resident Ghost

    Our Resident Ghost

    4 months ago

    I was inspired to write this hub based on a forum question...Do you have any experience of paranormal activity? Interestingly enough I share a flat with two other girls and my boyfriend; and All of us are convinced that...