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We offer a glimpse into all aspects of hardscape, from ancient beginings to current growth in the United States. We help you stop for a moment and peek at the elegant roads, driveways, and patios that characterize facets of hardscape design.

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  • Concrete Dissolver: An Easy Way To Clean Masonry Tools

    Concrete Dissolver: An Easy Way To Clean Masonry Tools

    7 months ago

    A concrete dissolver effectively removes dried up concrete, mortar, grout and stucco from masonry tools and equipment. Read on to discover if this is the cleaning solution for you.

  • How To Build A Garden Railroad

    How To Build A Garden Railroad

    2 years ago

    What can you expect as you create a garden railway? Experience our 10 step process, with commentary, history, tips, and visuals.

  • The Count and His Rumford Fireplace

    The Count and His Rumford Fireplace

    22 months ago

    Rumford fireplaces, old and new, share a rich history that links the life of their inventor and his 1796 construction to current day application, inside and outdoors.

  • Copper Chimney Pots

    Copper Chimney Pots

    2 years ago

    Chimney pots are decorative and practical tops for chimneys. Types are available in different materials. This article informs homeowners about copper chimney pots.

  • How to Build a Gas Fire Pit

    How to Build a Gas Fire Pit

    14 months ago

    Building a gas fire pit seems an onerous task for a do-it-yourself (DIY) full or partial project. That is, until you unlock your skepticism and ignite your curiosity to learn more about the topic.

  • Gas Fire Pit

    Gas Fire Pit

    3 years ago

    Outdoor living spaces rank highly in the landscape dreams of homeowners. This article discusses one facet: a gas fire pit.

  • Lally Column

    Lally Column

    4 months ago

    Learn about the history and installation of the lally column posts in your basement. This article with videos may lure you down to the basement to fix or add a lally column or two.

  • Integral Lighting

    Integral Lighting

    4 years ago

    How to install retaining wall lights using an Integral Lighting Kit. On the job photos illustrate the steps to wire up the sitting wall lighting of a standard patio.

  • Clay Chimney

    Clay Chimney

    4 years ago

    Clay Chimney Pots have evolved over the years. In this article we examine the function and decorative nature of this beautiful chimney fixture.

  • EP Henry

    EP Henry

    4 years ago

    Consumers will decide what’s right for them by becoming more knowledgeable about masonry building materials before they make their next move. The following article discusses online discovery of information about...

  • Retaining Wall Lighting

    Retaining Wall Lighting

    17 months ago

    An overview of the various types of retaining wall lights available for your hardscape