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I am 25 years old with the experience and knowledge of most 30 -35 year olds. I been through alot and had to grow up fast i guess. Im a United States Marine. I've been a Marine for 5 years. I've done evrything from CH-53 Helicopter mechanic to Machine Gunner to Task Force Military Police to PMO to B.A.T.S. I would be more than happy to answer any questions about the Military. I promise to give you a CORRECT andswer. I will never guess or tell you anthing im not sure of. If i don't know the answer, i WILL find out. The Marine Corps has taken me to South carolina, North Carolina, Louisianna, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, New Jersey, Canada, Germany, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria, and Iraq.

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  • The 15 hardest sports to play

    The 15 hardest sports to play

    6 years ago

     This is my opinion of the 15 hardest sports and a little bit about why. Some of them have cool videos to go along with them. Take the poll at the end to let me know what your opinion of the hardest sport is. ...

  • Choosing the right Military branch for you!

    Choosing the right Military branch for you!

    6 years ago

    If you decide to join the military or are considering joining, it is important you join the right branch. I myself am a U.S. Marine, but i will try to be as fair as possible when describing each branch. Most of my...

  • How to pass a PFT or CFT

    How to pass a PFT or CFT

    6 years ago

    As a Marine you will have to pass a physical fitness test every so often. It used to be twice a year. It has changed since the addition of the CFT (combat fitness test). Now a PFT is done the first 6 months of the year...

  • How to get onto a Military Base

    How to get onto a Military Base

    6 years ago

    First i would like to start by saying every branch of the armed forces probably has different rules. Each base has a commanding officer who can also add rules and regulations. The things listed here are from my...