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Hello my name is Helena. I reside in the beautiful city of Scarborough, which is located in the Southern part of Ontario, Canada.

In my daily commute to and from work, I constantly witness the kindness of strangers. On the downside, I also witness their rudeness as well.

I was inspired to write this article after receiving two random acts of kindness in one morning. After arriving at the main entrance of a building which housed an office where I was scheduled for a meeting, I found myself locked out of the heavy guarded office since I was a bit early. One of the tenants noticed me standing at the entrance and came up to me and lent me his cell phone so that I could call to announce my arrival. From there onwards, it was all smooth sailing. Later that morning, as I hopped aboard my train, I felt my feet slipping and felt myself falling backwards. This occurred at the chiming of the bells indicating that the train door was closing. A kind young man quickly noticed my dilemma and placed his arm around my back and pushed me into the train. I was very thankful and expressed my gratitude to my rescuer. It is my hope that this reading will inspire and spur you on to bestow a ‘Simple Act of Kindness’ to someone today.

"Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of Life and not something you do in your spare time."

- Marian Wright Elderman.

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