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I am a Canadian who is currently living in the Philippines and married to a Filipina. I love the Philippines for the warmth and good humour of the people, but I miss Canada and the family that I have there ( a 34 year old son and a 4 year old grandson ) I also have 3 sisters and a brother and numerous nieces and nephews who I miss very much. The one thing I don't miss about Canada is the brutal winters!! I will take the (mostly) stifling heat of the Philippines over the ice and snow of Canada any day. That being said, I do intend to go back to Canada for a few years after my wife graduates law school here in the Phillipines at the end of this year. I am retired, but financially I really shouldn't be, so a few more years of working in Canada may just improve my lot in life in the future. Right now however, I will just bide my time on the sandy beaches, go to fiestas ( which seem to occur with regularity here in Bohol ) and bask in the warmth of the rich culture of the Filipino people.....they love to sing videoke, eat and drink so what's not to love. I have traveled a little, going to Cuba, Hawaii, England, China and of course the Philippines and I look forward to doing more traveling in the future. I enjoy playing guitar ( not very well ) and I like playing sports like golf, tennis and basketball. I play tennis here in the Philippines and have made a lot of good new friends doing so, but golf courses are in short supply here ( It's too damn hot for golf anyway ), so I will hopefully pick that up again when I return to the icy homeland.....I mean, the summer, spring and fall are ok, right? I could get into the over religiousness of the Philippines and the new political climate that has emerged with new president Duterte and his "war on drugs", but I suppose those topics might make for interesting blogs someday.

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