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I am a young writer of 21 years old living in Claremont, Virginia.

When you read my articles I hope you take every detail and piece of advice to heart as I have worked hard to bring this information to all of you.

I've travelled the world many times over, as my father was an archaeologist and frequently had to go on buisness trips and sometimes relocate to different areas depending on what topic he was researching. He often took me with him and I feel as though I have been blessed with a world weariness at a young age.

I hope you, whoever you are can appreciate the content and style of my writing as I work for my readers to deliver them the best possible solutions to their problems.

Thank you and have a wonderful life.

-H.K. Vallaro

Disclaimer: Nothing posted in my articles is remotely useful or will help you to accomplish a certain task or find the answer to a particular question. This account is intended for humor only. So PLEASE do not attempt anything in my articles. Especially praying to The God of Dog-kind Tanavosh. He is the embodiment of evil and horrid apparitions. You have been warned.

Disclaimer's Disclaimer: I'm serious. Do not mess with Lord Tanavosh he is an ancient deity that can devour your soul in one gulp. If contacted with the neccesary objects required to summon his avatar he will destroy you utterly and completely and your soul will be lost to the annals of time. Thanks.

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