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I've been associated with business all of my life. My parents and grandparents were business owners, I worked in business environments and one of my kids is following the genetic predisposition to it, as well.

From experience, I know that generally speaking, sales people get a bad rap. Most are really hard working folks trying to support themselves and their family, though some could use a little guidance.

Marketers, in particular, are viewed in a less than favorable light. Honestly folks, a lot of them just don't know what to do. They're trying to earn a buck like everyone else.

My intention is to help change people's perception. The hubs that I contribute may represent a business or marketer but they will NOT be spam. Rather they will draw attention to something useful within the subject matter.

Everything is interesting if you look closely enough. What I'm attempting to do is find the gem within each topic and show it to the world.

I look forward to meeting you all.

These are my most popular hubs to date:

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My Newest Hubs:

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