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Mila Tami Monette was a musician, was a song composer, translator, a singer and recorded songs in her home country Baguio City, Philippines.She plays guitar, drums, harmonica and etc.

Her love of music goes with her passion in writing. Her experiences in life inspire her to compose more poems of different types and write articles of different topics.

For more than 20 years she was been engaging in a community service, teaching all sort of people find the answers to thier questions about life.

She was transplanted from Philippines to Canada when she was bound to a french man, her better half.

If you want to know more about her, read this piece...

......from her to you.

"Her world is full of music, her world is full of songs

Her days are full of laughter but sometimes full of tears

If you would like to share with her, sign up and be a hubber

Submit your poems and articles and be an expert writer"

"What's all about her username, the "hillymillydee"?

She was born and raised in a hilly place in the merry month of may

With melodious songs they call her milly, and her poems that rhyme.... tweeddle didle dee

If you enjoy reading her lines, she invites you here to stay"

"If in this page you just stumbled, or to this page you browsed

You're at the right place I will not wonder, so move and click your mouse.

Her hubs below are there for you, to read and get insight

And most of all she welcomes you , go on and read her hubs!"

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