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i am a writing freak and so loves to read to. if you wanna understand me read my hubs.!!!

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  • india's pride

    india's pride

    3 years ago

    1967, India had its ‘the’ only normal yet unique kid. That kid has now grown up to where we can’t even stand properly. He is the one with the super powers of nature, every bit of music, every beat, and every...

  • controversial memorial

    controversial memorial

    3 years ago

    Great leaders never die, they live in our hearts. This phrase had a lot of meaning to it once but today, its significance has come to contrast. Although, its rare that you find a great and true leader at this point of...

  • diverted path

    diverted path

    3 years ago

    Reality is that virtuality that you are what you are. Today, every one of us is so much into the cyber world that there is no left to give a look out. Virtuality has swallowed our senses into it that it’s hard to...

  • Today's Confusing Scenario

    Today's Confusing Scenario

    3 years ago

    i hub about the on going or traditional issues which may be ignored by many. some issues still are left untouched or far from reach so i would like to bring them to my readers. hope they like it !!!!