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Yes, my name is Corey. I am a 20 year old college student currently studying History. Why History? You may ask. Well, History is my passion, I live and breath it everyday. Every morning I sing the Star Spangled Banner in the shower, while I eat lunch I think about the storming of the Bastile, at night I read about the collapse of the Roman Empire, and while I sleep I dream about the fall of the Berlin Wall. I am what many people refer to as a "history buff".

Although History is my main interest, there are many other subjects and ideas that occupy my mind. What I plan to do on HubPages is to write exactly that, articles encompassing a variety of topics. If you consider yourself one of the rare individuals that enjoys reading poorly written articles out of bordom or for the sake of ridicule, than you have come to the right place. I hope you enjoy my articles, and decide to come back and read more once they are posted. Sincerely, End.

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  • Sitting In A Boring Class

    Sitting In A Boring Class

    6 years ago

          Like every other student, I have had my fair share of boring classes; the kind of classes where students fight to stay awake and where the professor seems to purposefully try to make his students miserable. I...