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I live in sunny California, where I do some computer stuff and some garden stuff and some kitchen stuff. If you measure wealth in terms of happiness and laughter, I am filthy stinkin' rich.

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  • Bread Machine Garlic Rolls

    Bread Machine Garlic Rolls

    6 months ago

    These tasty garlic cheese rolls are wonderful with soup or pasta, and make a terrific party food. Rolled like a cinnamon bun, they look and taste like they'd be much more difficult to make than they really are. The...

  • Growing Purple Passion Spinach

    Growing Purple Passion Spinach

    3 years ago

    Purple passion spinach, also known as red orach or mountain spinach, is a garden plant that has it all. Pretty, tasty, and nutritious, its broad, velvety leaves range from deep, red-veined green to brilliant purple,...

  • How to Choose a Cat Who Will Kill Mice

    How to Choose a Cat Who Will Kill Mice

    2 days ago

    Some cats hunt, while others just cry by their food bowls. If you live in an area where rodents are a problem, here are a few guidelines you can use to find a cat who will catch those mice for you.