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HollywoodRasta is a professional touring musician. A research enthusiast. Addicted to obscure useless information.

Always horrible at sports and moved on to non-contact sports and activities such as but not limited to: camping, hiking, mountain-biking, climbing and canoeing(a little uneasy about this last one after the watching the footage of gators jumping out of water on to canoes).

His interests include: Music, Live music, expanding musical knowledge, reading, Nature, meditation, spirituality, philosphy, theology, mind-expanding literature, technology and computers.

Diet: Pescatarian, Pesca-vegetarian, not a religion; he eats vegetables and fish.

Other interests include: guerilla gardening, permaculture and herbology.

"A computer genius"
Steve- My flatmate, overheard on a phone call.

Random fact: Never thought I was a tech kind of guy...but I just realized 8 out of my 9 posts on here are tech related...Hahaha.

If you would like me to blog about your product, service etc.

E-mail me at muveeblog at gmail dot com

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